Dalet: The Fourth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

G‑d has been kind enough to give us life…[and] sustenance. Without G‑d, we have nothing.

Gimmel: The Third Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The letter gimmel represents the benefactor or the giver of charity. [Its] design is ex­plained in the Talmud as a rich man running to give charity to a poor person.

Bet (Vet): The Second Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The three lines of the beis are often inter­preted as representing the three pillars on which the world stands: Torah, prayer, and charity (including good deeds). When a person prays, studies Torah, and gives charity daily, one builds a home for G-d.”

Aleph: The First Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The [letter] alef has three different meanings.   One is אלוף, aluf, which means a master or a chief… This lets the world know that there is a Creator… The uni­verse did not simply emerge by itself…[and] G‑d is the Aluf, the Master of the universe.   The second is אולפנה, ulfana, a school of…… Continue reading Aleph: The First Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Introduction to Letters of Light: The Meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The Mishnah states: ‘With Ten Utterances G-d created the world.’ As a carpenter employs tools to build a home, so G-d utilized the twenty-two letters of the alef-beis to form heaven and earth.