The Fire of Shabbat

“Moses was teaching the people that in order to create a Sanctuary for God in this world, a place where man and God could meet and commune, it needed to be infused first and foremost with the holiness of Shabbat.

Broken: Why Breaking the Tablets Was Moses’ Greatest Accomplishment

“Moses did not break the tablets because he was angry and lost his control. Rather, the breaking of the tablets was the beginning of the healing process.

5 Powerful Insights from the Rebbe – Tetzaveh

“Our Sages note that there is an allusion to Moshe’s demise in Tetzaveh, in that this is the only Torah portion (from the time of Moshe’s birth…), in which he is not mentioned by name.

Do You Believe In God? Parshat Teruma

“The word mikdash comes from the word kodesh, meaning holy. God wants me to make everything I do holy, connected back to Him.

An Eye for An Eye? Really?

“Why did the Torah not use the more appropriate ‘ayin baad (literally, for) ayin’ instead of ‘ayin tachat’ (literally, underneath)?

Why You Should Be a Proud Jew

“When Jethro heard of the powerful institutions of Judaism…he fell in love with Torah and joined the People of the Book.

Living on a Prayer – Parashas Beshalach

“HKBH is with us and without His partnership with us, without His accompanying us on our everyday challenges, in our everyday needs, in our everyday occupations, then we wouldn’t have bread to eat from, we wouldn’t have success in our wars.

The New Moon

“Why did Moses have a problem with the moon’s renewal?

Parashat Vaera: The Ten Plagues and Creation

“Each of the ten plagues delivered upon Egypt corresponds to one of [the] ten ‘Ma’amarot’ -pronouncements – [which G-d used to create the world]… What is the meaning behind this correspondence?

Unifying the Physical and Spiritual

“One of Judaism’s basic goals is the unification of the physical and spiritual realms, both on the practical and mystical levels.