Making the Count of Our Days Count

“There is a mystical idea that our days on earth will ultimately be comprised of the garments that clothe our soul after we die. These garments are those of ‘thought,’ ‘speech’ and ‘action.’ The quality of these garments will not be determined by the years of our life, but by the ‘life in our years.’…… Continue reading Making the Count of Our Days Count

The Courage not to Conform (Lech Lecha 5781)

“Abraham is, without doubt, the most influential person who ever lived

The 17th of Cheshvan: When the Great Flood Began

“R. Tzadok… derives a spiritual law from Noach’s story. R. Tzadok says that it is always true, that whenever we stumble in our lives, (be it our spiritual lives, emotional lives, career lives, whatever) there was some blessing that was trying to come through in that moment, and for whatever reason we didn’t rise to the occasion…

Parshas Bereishis: The Final Letters Spell ‘Emes’

“Our Rabbis point out that the final letters of the words ‘Bereshis Barah Elokim’ [In the beginning G-d created] [Bereshis 1:1] form the word Emes [Truth], which alludes to the idea that the ‘Signature’ (chosamo) of the Almighty is Truth.

All of us should have pleasant and carefree lives. But unfortunately, life is not always like that. A person sometimes goes through very difficult periods in which he might question why G-d is doing these things to him. Such occurrences happen all too frequently. We must always bear in mind that the Signature of the Almighty is Truth. We might not see it ahead of time, we might not see it when events unfold, but hopefully we will see it in the end.”

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony – Parshas Haazinu

“‘Remember bygone days’… the importance of having an appreciation for history… to understand the changes from one generation to the next… each generation has its own set of problems and own set of rules and own set of circumstances.

Nitzavim: Doing Business with Hashem

“Since the mitzvah of teshuva with all its benefits appear toward the end of the Torah that we read at the end of the year, then teshuva qualifies as the ‘end of the season sale’; now, teshuva is a bargain.

Blessings and Curses

“…G‑d was faithful in bringing upon us the curses, so He will surely bring upon us the blessings as well.

Finding Humanity in Animals

“The Torah is painfully aware that our perceived dominion over animals may easily lead us to practice cruelty, greed and destruction upon our helpless fellow creatures.

A Sage is Greater than a Prophet (Shoftim 5780)

“The Prophet takes a heroic stand but does not take responsibility for whether the people listen or not

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Re’eh: How to See God in the World

…Rav Kook’s propensity to see God’s light in everything… came from two things – a true and constant awareness of God’s existence, and a conscious decision to live one’s life according to that awareness.

…Whether in its variation or in its norms, the world around us provides countless ways to see God. But that will only happen to someone who is looking for them. In other words if we really want to see God, we must also seek God.