Uplift: Always With Me

The Ribono Shel Olam is always by my side, He is always with me…holding me, embracing me…every step of the way…

Living Emunah 5 – Post 3

“What some might look upon as a daunting challenge is, through the glasses of emunah, the greatest opportunity.

Living Emunah 5 – Post 2

“All 613 mitzvos are ways for us to reach this ultimate understanding that everything in life comes from Hashem.”

Living Emunah 5 – Post 1

“[Emunah] doesn’t only help us physically; it is one of the greatest spiritual endeavors with which we can involve ourselves.”

Acquiring Emunah

To understand that our physical lives are totally b’yad Hashem [in G-d’s hands] will remove so much stress, so much worry, so much heartache…

People think that they have more control than they do…. We go through the motions, we make a hishtadlut [personal effort]… but we really have no say.

Our real purpose in this world is to take the circumstances that Hashem put you in and choose correctly, and be the best you can be in that situation and rise to the challenges and [keep] the 613 mitzvot [commandments] and get close to Hashem in the place that He put you. There is no better way to elevate yourself in this world than to acquire this midah of emnuah.

Don’t Waste This Crisis

“One of the greatest mistakes in life is to waste a crisis, not to turn a crisis into an opportunity…

The reason you are given a challenge in life is to come out wiser, deeper, more courageous, more resilient, more blessed… a far greater person.”

Covid19 – What Should We Be Doing During These Challenging Times?

Covid19 – What Should We Be Doing During These Challenging Times?

Covid-19: What The Holy Zohar Says

Covid-19: What The Holy Zohar Says

Covid-19: Who Do We Blame?

“This is a new type of battle, a new type of war and we are all supposed to look in the mirror and…”

It’s All Hashem – All Your Accomplishments Are a Gift

Would you like to
achieve inner peace
amidst outside chaos?

Would you like to trust in G-d, knowing that he has a plan even though you can’t see the whole meaning of the situation?

By learning and internalizing lessons in emunah and bitachon, you can come to a deep level of trust in and reliance upon The Creator in the face of any circumstances.