Ceremony & Celebration – Chanukah Candle 4

“Realising that the real battle was not against an empire but a culture, Jews set about constructing the world’s first system of universal education. The effect was astonishing.

Chanukah: The Greatest Revenge by Rabbi Aaron Pessin

If we want to commemorate the miricle of Chanukka that took place in the Beit HaMikdash, why do we light at home rather than in the synagogue, the “mini mikdash”?

Turning on G-d’s Light

“Our function in this world is to activate G-d’s light.

A Titanic Victory and a Small Cruse of Oil – Post 2

“If the Jews would have been defeated by the Greeks, there would be no Jews today; if the oil would have not burnt for eight days, so what?

A Titanic Victory and a Small Cruse of Oil

“We, the Jewish people, are here today only because of the courage and vision of this small group of determined Jews who would not allow their G-d and their Torah to be reduced to the dustbins of history by the Syrian-Greek tyrant.

Chanukah 5782 – Introduction

Every chag (holiday) or event on the Hebrew calendar, brings with it the original energy of that time period again and again through years.

Souls in the Rain

“The Hebrew month of Cheshvan is the time to build a genuine relationship with our marriage Partner in our everyday lives.

End Of Tishrei – Unpacking The Merchandise

“A Jew [during]…the month of Tishrei acquires a lot of merchandise: …yiras shamayim (Fear of Heaven), …Ahavas Yisroel (Love for a fellow Jew), …hiddur mitzvah(enhancement of a mitzvah), …the spirit of the mitzvah.   He makes a lot of good resolutions and commitments about how he’s going to conduct himself throughout the year. All of…… Continue reading End Of Tishrei – Unpacking The Merchandise

Sukkot: The Story of Our Faith

“The sukkah itself represents the idea of the Jewish faith

Yom Kippur: The Joy Within The Holiest Day

“When one is involved in teshuva m’ahavah, if one repents out of love for G-d, his averot (sins) transform to good deeds, to merits!