Spread the Light: An Ancient Talmudic Debate About the Jewish World Today

There is a debate in the Talmud: Am I allowed to use another Chanuka candle to ignite another flame?

“…Two of the greatest Talmudic sages…Rav and Shmuel debate the question. Rav says you are not allowed to, Shmuel says it’s permissible. …Jewish law follows the position of Shmuel…

The Miracle Has Already Begun

“There was no miracle on the first day, so really there was only a 7-day miracle not an 8-day miracle so why is Chanuka 8 days? One day the oil would have lasted regardless, we had enough oil for one day.

“…Until there are no stragglers in the marketplace.”

“A candle, says the Zohar, is… a living symbol that broadcasts the truth of Divine oneness into the psyche of those looking on.

The Coveted Sukkah of Sodom

“… [the] experience of living beneath the skhokh for seven days (with its leaky roof and peep holes to heaven) is supposed to bring us to sukka consciousness.

My Yom Kippur lesson from my new Hasidic neighbors

“…how can I ask God to judge me with compassion when I cannot even do the same for my fellow Jew?

Rosh Hashanah at Home: How to Embrace the Opportunity

“A helpful first step is to remember that nothing happens without God’s guidance. Our prayer services haven’t simply fallen victim to the blind menace of COVID-19. The High Holidays this year present us with an opportunity to reach new heights of meaning and connection.


Mercy Month

“Elul is when we concentrate on guiding our wills toward the will of G‑d

The Temple for Which we are Supposed to Yearn

“On Tisha B’Av we mourn the loss of our House of Holy Presence (aka Bet HaMikdash), the heart of our people, that turns us from a throng into a higher order unity called Kenesset Yisrael, a synonymous term for Shekhina. Without our holy hub it is hard to contain the ricochet of our clashing extremes that produce the causeless hatred that prevents our inner peace. But what is it, really, that we are missing? It is probably not what most assume.”

Two Kinds of Good: Lessons for the Month of Tammuz

“Through our stumbling and our suffering, G‑d trains us to see the good that hides in the ordeals and dark pits of our life

The Torah of Atzilut – The Torah of Souls

“HaShem created the universe to bring forth the souls of Israel. Just as there are 600,000 letters of the Torah, so are there 600,000 root souls in the spiritual community of Israel.