Girl saying Shema before going to sleep with the words in Hebrew above her

Bedtime Countdown

Bedtime Countdown

Freeman, Tzvi
June 8, 2023



Ribono Shel Olam, I hereby forgive whoever has hurt me, and whoever has done me any wrong; Whether it was deliberately or by accident, whether it was done by word or by deed, in this incarnation or in previous ones. May no one, Be punished on my account.


The prayer service before retiring at night contains the above text…, “The Forgiveness Formula”.


“Sleep is a journey. As with any journey, you’ll come back more refreshed if you travel light. So [before going to sleep is] the time to leave the baggage behind—meaning, all those grudges and hard feelings that may have been collecting over the day.

In many versions, the [prayer] concludes with a plea to G?d to return the favor—just as I have forgiven others, perhaps You could forgive me. After all, Rava, the Talmudic sage, would often say, ‘Anyone who overlooks the sins of others towards him, Heaven overlooks all his sins towards Heaven.’”