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Religion and Sciences

Religion and Sciences

Breitowitz, Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok
July 4, 2023

Physicists are seeking [to discover] one unifying force that would be the theory of everything… Every scientist intuitively grasps that there is some type of unitary elegance in the structure of the universe…


Einstein… spent the last 30 years of his life seeking what he called the consolidated Field Theory [as] there was a drive within him that convinced him [of a] unitary creative intelligence that guided the laws of the universe….


….the more [we delve into] the deep structure of the universe, the more we see a mystical unity of the multiplicity of forces that ultimately converge and come from One.

The very quest is for an ultimate unifying force that brings everything together. So in reality, scientific study, far from creating a conflict with religion, can actually be a force for deep spirituality: a sense of wonder, awe, reverence, beauty, symmetry, order, coordination…”