The universe experiencing the Big Bang, with purple, yellow, and blue light shinning out

Creation: A Convergence of Torah and Science

Creation: A Convergence of Torah and Science

Aviezer, Prof. Nathan
July 13, 2023

“The big bang theory is now accepted by all mainstream cosmologists. The most surprising assertion of the big bang theory is that the universe was literally created from nothing. [This is termed in Hebrew, ‘yesh me’ayin‘, which has always been the Torah account of creation].

Professor Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist… wrote: ‘The modern theory of cosmic origins asserts the universe erupted from an enormously energetic event, which spewed forth all space and all matter.’

It is written in the Torah on the First Day of Creation: And there was light (Genesis 1:3). But at that time, there existed neither stars, nor sun, nor moon, nor people, nor any other known source of light. Therefore, how can one understand this ‘light’?


Scientists have now discovered that there was light at the very beginning of time: the primeval light-ball whose appearance heralded the origin of the universe. The creation of light did not occur within the existing universe. Rather, the creation of light was the creation of the universe: In other words, the Torah does not record two separate creations on the first day – the creation of the universe and the creation of light – but only one.”