The Emor Chart is an interactive visual platform representing the halakhic decision-making structure and Jewish thought process and organizing the information to help you understand both content and process.
The Emor Chart provides users with articles, essays, books, audio, and videos categorized into folders and subfolders to quickly find the information needed and understand it in its broader context.
The colored bubbles allow you to explore different facets of the halachic process.


Based on surveys and feedback, a team of experienced researchers carefully curate prominent and pertinent topics relevant to the broadest spectrum of Jews in the realms of Jewish law, Jewish thought, philosophy, and faith. In this way, users will have readily available resources to address the challenging questions their communities raise

Sources will be collected in both English and Hebrew. Anything published from an Orthodox stream of Judaism since 1900 will be included. The database will be constantly updated to incorporate new contributions.


We will be compiling sources from:


  • Internet
  • National Library of Israel (online and offline)
  • Books (their abstracts and ToC)
  • Journals
  • Audio and video sources
  • Major database libraries, including YU, JTS, Harvard, Columbia, and the U.S. Library of Congress
  • Otzar HaHochma (Hebrew)
  • Bar Ilan Responsa Project (Hebrew)

Users will access sources, rulings, and opinions with the press of a button.

The colored bubbles allow the user to explore different facets of the Halakhic and Jewish Thought process in an organized and logical way.


The database is cataloged thoroughly and organized to help users understand the issues even before they delve into the sources.


This exposes the user to a variety of different yet scattered material that they may not have known how or where to access.


A flowchart allows users to understand the overall perspective on a particular topic and how the individual parts fit together. Users will not be overwhelmed by vast amounts of information.         


The Emor Chart will allow authors to categorize their work to make this a comprehensive central resource.


Content is currently available both in Hebrew and English. 

We plan to add additional languages.