Light shining down on a Torah Scroll

The Torah of Atzilut – The Torah of Souls

The Torah of Atzilut – The Torah of Souls

Schneider, Sarah Yehudit
May 27, 2020

“HaShem created the universe to bring forth the souls of Israel. Just as there are 600,000 letters of the Torah, so are there 600,000 root souls in the spiritual community of Israel. Each individual that comes into the world embodies some unique piece of one of these sixty myriad letters. Just as there is a scroll of ink on parchment, so is there a scroll of souls that includes the entire unfolding of generations.


The sum-total of the soul-sparks of Israel comprise a single and complete Torah… the real Torah… HaShem’s Torah. Yet this scroll of souls is virtually impossible to read. Its lights are too bright and too complex for the human mind to fathom, at least at our earlier stages of development. And so, the Torah of ink on parchment serves as its commentary, presenting the same teachings in a more condensed and readable format.


In our immaturity we don’t see that the commentary is only an aid to enable our access to the real Torah, the Torah of souls. But, as we grow and mature and move toward perfection, we come to see things more from HaShem’s perspective which assigns priority to the people whose souls are actually the inner lights of the Torah now manifest to us as ink on parchment. From HaShem’s perspective, love of the people Israel is actually love of Torah.


The whole point is to learn to read the living Torah that shines through each person as he or she dances out the teaching of the letter that is the root of his or her soul. The printed Torah then comes afterward to help articulate all the hidden implications that emanate from every single holy spark of soul.”