Post 4 – HKB”H’s Voice Is Heard around the World Like a Thunderous Lightning Bolt to Arouse Us from Our Spiritual Slumber and Remind Us of His Presence

“…We must employ our power of speech… to engage in Torah-study… We must designate set times to study Torah daily, morning and night. We must refrain from speaking ‘lashon hara’ and gossip.


…Let us fortify ourselves with emunah and trust in Hashem; it is the best and surest protection from all evil.  In the words of David HaMelech (Tehillim 32, 10): ‘Many are the agonies of the wicked, but as for one who trusts in Hashem, “chesed” will surround him’.  Similarly, it is written (ibid. 34, 11): ‘Young lions may want and hunger, but those who seek Hashem will not lack any good’.


May we merit the complete geulah swiftly, in our times! Amen.”