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Moshiach Is Almost Here, See Through The Chaos

Moshiach Is Almost Here, See Through The Chaos

Friedman, Rabbi Manis
November 17, 2020

“The world has to stop trusting and believing in things that are not true. As long as you think you know, as long as you think you have the answer, the emes [truth], you will never hear the emes [truth]. The arrogance of human ingenuity – that technology, science and medicine used to give us answers… many people believe that science will solve all our problems, that nature has all the answers, that medicine will cure every disease… nobody thinks that anymore. To a certain degree, science has created our problems, medicine has no answer for these problems… we don’t know, we are guessing…


For the first time in history, the entire world, every country in the world, is now admitting openly that we don’t know! We don’t know what the answer is… That conditions us, that sets us up for a certain amount of humility with which we can now hear emes [truth]. So if Moshiach comes and says emes [truth] the world will recognize it…


The world… is ready to hear the emes [truth] because we have no more fantasies, false beliefs, idols, it’s gone… The only thing left is Torah, the message of Judaism, and the world knows it.”