Cohen lighting the menorah painting

The Miracle Has Already Begun

The Miracle Has Already Begun

Haber, Rabbi Yaakov
December 13, 2020

“There was no miracle on the first day, so really there was only a 7-day miracle not an 8-day miracle so why is Chanuka 8 days? One day the oil would have lasted regardless, we had enough oil for one day.


The miracle that we noticed, the miracle that we see, was a miracle of 7 days. But when did that miracle actually begin?… We can only imagine how the Kohanim, when they could find only one flask of oil, when they found only enough for one day, how much they prayed, how much they cried, how much they begged G-d… they started to understand not to take something as simple as the oil of the temple for granted… They prayed and prayed until the miracle happened.


The miracle was not on the 2nd day. The miracle began in the heavens when the Kohanim and the Jews around them began to pray – when they began to understand that everything is from G-d. …When we pray for them [miracles], when we introspect, when we understand the involvement of Hashem in our life, that is when the miracle begins, and that is what we celebrate on Chanuka.”