King David & Bathsheba: The Whole Story Doesn’t Make Sense – until now”

by Friedman, Rabbi Manis

“In order for there to be freedom of choice until Moshiach comes, we have to be able to choose evil over good,…false over true… Why would anyone choose the ‘wrong’ when you can do the ‘right’? …What is good about the good, what is holy about the holy is concealed…


…G-d is creating the world at every moment… He is very much involved. At [every] moment…He is giving me life, making me exist …This world is the lowest of the low in terms of G-d’s concealment… Holiness, G-dliness is concealed so that we may have freedom of choice… G-d is very much present but we don’t see it.


…This concealment…is absolutely crucial to the existence of the universe and for G-d’s vast eternal plan because without our freedom of choice the whole plan fails.


…This is particularly pronounced when it comes to the development and the process of the coming of Moshiach… every major step towards the… revelation of Moshiach is doubly concealed…


…Dovid HaMelech is the grandfather of Moshiach….


…As you read this story [about Dovid HaMelech], it really sounds terrible… but you have to stop and think ‘What is G-d telling us?’ …You can see how dangerous it is to be content with surface impressions…”