Modern art of Passover, with city built in shape of a pyramid, table set for the seder with matzah, seder plate, cup of wine and hagaddah, and sun setting in the back

A Kabbalistic Kavanna for Eating Matzah at the Seder

A Kabbalistic Kavanna for Eating Matzah at the Seder

Schneider, Sarah Yehudit
March 26, 2021

Matzah on Pesach is a powerful remedy that penetrates to the soul’s depths and heals ancient wounds.


The 613 mitzvot correspond to the 613 organs of body and soul. A mitzvah is an exceptionally powerful act that brings light, fixing, and healing to some part of ourselves (which is often the area active in performing that mitzvah).


We all have a fracture deep in our soul inherited from [the first sin: an act of unrectified eating from the Tree of Knowledge]. We all have an eating disorder – a dysfunction in the way we take pleasure from the world. This ancient soul wound is the cause behind the cause of all neuroses, personality imbalances, and existential dissatisfactions…


The Pesach seder is the only time of year when… acts of eating are actually commanded as religious obligations… That makes these special Pesach mitzvot our only opportunity to bring light and healing to that deepest crack in our soul…


… think about how to use these extremely precious moments of mitzvah eating. What essential truths and faith-principles would you would like to fix into your nerve net this year? It could be… a change you want to make… a vision (individual or collective) you want to actualize… a prayer (for yourself or others) you want to see fulfilled. Since you cannot talk between hamotzi and your eating of the matzah, this makes it a very conducive time for prayer and yichudim…”