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The Nature of Sabbath Rest – Post 1

The Nature of Sabbath Rest – Post 1

Taylor, Rabbi Pinchas
April 18, 2021

Sabbath Observance and the Labors Performed in the Tabernacle


“There is a link between our modern Sabbath observance and the labors performed in the Tabernacle.


The Tabernacle, the place where the Divine presence was most clearly revealed, is a microcosm for all of Creation.


The world is our Tabernacle. When a Jew embarks on his tasks during the week, he is meant to elevate the world around him, making the physical world a conduit for the spiritual. During the week we construct our portion of the Tabernacle by impacting our circle of influence. Collectively, we transform the world.


When one… puts the external creative opportunities on hold, he is granted the ability to look inward. In this sense, the 39 labor restrictions of the Sabbath ironically enable him to have genuine liberation.


True freedom of self is spiritual growth that fosters the achievement of one’s potential.”