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The Nature of Sabbath Rest – Post 3

The Nature of Sabbath Rest – Post 3

Taylor, Rabbi Pinchas
April 20, 2021

The Creation of the Concept of “Rest”


“Sabbath observance commemorates G-d creating the world in six days and resting on the seventh. Obviously, G-d does not need a break from all of His exertion, so what then is the nature of this ‘rest’ that He took? The answer is that G-d rested from creating… In effect, by ceasing to create anymore, G-d created the concept of rest.

Our Sabbath parallels G-d’s resignation from the creative process. The ‘work’ referred to is creative work, or certain labors that demonstrate stewardship over the world. Sabbath rest, then, is relinquishing any involvement in those types of tasks. Classifying something as work is not assessed by the amount of sweat that drips from the brow, it is whether this action, even in the minutest way, is a creative change or shows human mastery over nature.


Refraining from these acts… opens one up to be a conduit to experience the energy of harmony and tranquility which G-d made available during this day.”