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Shabbat: God’s Perfect Universe – Post 1

Shabbat: God’s Perfect Universe – Post 1

Rosenfeld, Rabbi Dovid
April 21, 2021

Shabbat as a Testimony to God’s Perfection


“During the six days of Creation, the world was incomplete. God was engaged in a process of molding and acting upon the universe, transforming it…


When the first Shabbat arrived, God’s work was finished. The world was perfect and complete. God no longer had to change the world and improve upon it… His creation could… exist just the way it was – with all its components coexisting in peace and harmony.


This phenomenon is reenacted each week on Shabbat. During the week we see the world as incomplete. We must labor… in order to make the world a suitable habitat for man. For six days, we – as did God – must force our mark upon the world-altering it from its natural state in order to make it a vessel worthy of man.

When Shabbat arrives, we are commanded to cease interfering with the world. We no longer assert our mastery over it, changing it from its natural state… We cease doing acts of creation – and by so doing, attest that the world as created by God is perfect.”