Menn carrying stretchers with people who fell in the Meron Tradgedy

Emor Project Responds to the Meron Tradgedy

Emor Project Responds to the Meron Tradgedy

Emor Project
May 5, 2021

The heart of all of Am Yisrael (the people of Israel) has been struck by the tragedy that happened in Meron on Lag B’Omer last Thursday night, and we all grieve together over this terrible loss.


Cheshbonot HaShamayim (Heavenly considerations) are not for us to understand, but what we do know is that Hashem, Who cares about us so deeply, wants to move us. He is calling to us both on the collective and individual levels. Hashem makes it easy for Am Yisrael, His people, to come close to Him by doing His will, provided that our desire is sincere.


On the individual level, let us each take upon ourselves a kabbala (commitment) to improve in some specific area, for example to light Shabbat candles, put on tefillin, say blessings before eating, or work on saying them with more kavana (intention), keep the laws of family purity, do a good deed in the memory of those who passed away, be kinder to others, give charity, volunteer one’s time or call someone who might need support.


At the collective level, let us focus on increasing achdut (unity), which is one of the values that Hashem treasures most. We can each improve in this area by finding ways to connect with other Jews (especially those that differ from us), learning how to levater (let go of what we want for the sake of someone else), committing to reducing conflicts, being careful how we speak towards others, and practicing v’ahavta l’rey’akha kamokha – treating others as you want to be treated.


Let us grow from this tragedy, and may it propel us towards the approaching geula (final redemption). May the memories of all those who passed away be for a blessing.