Coping with the Meron Tragedy: An Open Discussion and Q&A with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

by Jacobson, Rabbi Simon

“The Talmud tells us [that]… we are all one organism, one body… and in one complete body, every part of the body is interdependent on the others, so [that] if, G-d forbid, one part of the body… is hurting, it hurts the entire body. But at the same time, we obviously want to strengthen the parts of the body that are not hurting… the healthy part of the body will help strengthen the weaker parts.


… when someone is ripped from us – …and here we have 45 holy human beings, men, children, teenagers, ripped from us – our body is aching… parts of our body were amputated from us, but there are other parts that are strong and need to be strong because they help strengthen the parts that were weakened, that were torn from us….


The fact that G-d blessed you and saved your life… this is a blessing G-d gave you! …You have to ask, ‘What can I do to strengthen our collective body?!’ …we are all part of this collective body, we need to strengthen ourselves in the sense of strengthening our commitment to everything that is good – to mitzvot, to Torah, to prayer …[which] also strengthens those who were weakened here, [the] family members, and… fills the gap, the vacuum of those who were taken.”