A pair of Tefillin on a white surface

Why Don’t Women Put on Tefillin?

Why Don’t Women Put on Tefillin?

Adler Lambert, Rivkah & Mendlowitz, Ariella
June 2, 2021

“[Women are not obligated to keep mitzvot] that are time-oriented, that are fixed in time… The world is made up of time and space. Time is an event – past, present, and future. That is a masculine thing… Space is permanent, stable – [it is] feminine… Those mitzvot that are oriented in time are masculine, and therefore women are exempt.

There is a misconception that when women are not obligated to do certain commandments, it means that they are losing out on something. Mitzvah means binding and connection. When a Jew does a mitzvah, it binds [him/her] to G-d… A woman is self-bond to G-d without needing to do [certain mitzvot as] she is [by her nature] closer to G-d…”