Mezuzah on doorpost

What is the Mezuzah?

What is the Mezuzah?

Brener, Rabbi Pynchas
June 6, 2021

“What is the message of [the] mezuzah [and]… what is [its] effect? When you go into a Jewish home, you are immediately made conscious of the fact that you have to behave according to what is written in this parchment. Namely, that you should always be conscious that there is One G-d, that you have to love Him with all your heart and with all your might [what it means to love G-d, will be explored in further posts], and that you have to teach your children [about G-d’s Torah and mitzvot].


…when you leave your house you will also notice the mezuzah [and be reminded] that when you go out into the world to your everyday affairs – to your business, your profession – you also have to behave yourself according to these laws.


It is not a good luck charm [or, as] some people think,… some kind of amulet that will defend them against evildoers… Actually, the mezuzah is something else. [Its purpose is] to make us conscious of our responsibility to G-d.”