Row of different colorful mezuzah's with different designs

Mezuzah: The Inside Story – Post 1

Mezuzah: The Inside Story – Post 1

Simmons, Rabbi Shraga
June 8, 2021

If we want our internal world to reflect Godly ideals, we have to protect it against the outside world at the point of interface: the doorway. This means monitoring the contents of books, games and video that we expose our children and ourselves to.


As well, having a mezuzah on each room means that whenever we move from one domain, one sphere of activity, to another, we must renew our consciousness of God’s presence and act in a way that sanctifies His Name.


Once learned, the lesson extends beyond our home and into all areas of life. Just as a house has doorways, so too we have eyes, ears, nose, and mouth – portals to the external world. The values of the Torah call for our mouths to eat kosher food and speak ‘kosher‘ words; for our ears not to listen to gossip; for our eyes not to run after empty desires…


The mezuzah is there to keep away evil spirits. Not those that float around, the figments of Hollywood’s rich imagination. But those that we can control, inside our doors and our hearts.”