The Days of Awe written in sunrise above a field

Being Judged Is a Compliment

Being Judged Is a Compliment

Friedman, Rabbi Manis
August 24, 2021

“The Days of Awe are Awesome because we can’t believe how committed and how obsessed G-d is with us. It’s an awesome love!…


For G-d to judge the world is a kindness that is indescribable and a humility on G-d’s part.


He wants us to be in a relationship with Him…so much [so] that every detail of our behavior [and] lives, every act, every thought, every word we speak becomes magnified in importance and significance to Him.

So if G-d gets angry at me, that is such a compliment: I am significant to Him and that what I do matters to Him. That can only come from a humble love that G-d has for us. So instead of feeling threatened by G-d’s judgment, we should actually be complemented and fearful that we might disappoint Him, not fearful of punishment.”