Judges gavel lying on top of block

The True Meaning of Divine Judgement

The True Meaning of Divine Judgement

Jacobson, Rabbi Simon
September 1, 2021

“…The relationship between us and G-d is a partnership. Partners are accountable to each other. In the month of Elul, we do our accounting. Rosh Hashana is audit day. G-d checks the books to see how we took care of His investment in us.


This is the true meaning of Divine Judgment.

On this day G-d gives us the opportunity to face Him and report on our progress in fulfilling the Diving mission we were charged with. And we are given the power to renew our ‘contract’ with G-d.

G-d’s judgment is filled with wisdom and mercy. He doesn’t look for perfection.

The judgment of Rosh Hashana is thus really a great gift: G-d’s vote of confidence in us is that we can live up to our greatest potential.”