Man praying at Kotel while holding his lulav

Sukkot: The Story of Our Faith

Sukkot: The Story of Our Faith

Botton, Rabbi Yitzchak
September 20, 2021

“The sukkah itself represents the idea of the Jewish faith….


One who fulfills the mitzvah of sukkah actually becomes a partner with G-d and creation.


When we build the walls, this represents man’s effort. And man’s part in what he came into this world to accomplish…


The roof represents G-d’s providence, G-d’s help… We have to realize that we are not alone in this world; we are in it together with Hashem.


G-d says to you, ‘You go out there, and you try, you make an effort, you plant a seed, and I’ll be there to make everything work out in the end. I’m there with you.’


So the Jewish faith that G-d showed us in the desert is that we have to do our part, and we have to trust in Hashem to do His part.”