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End Of Tishrei – Unpacking The Merchandise

End Of Tishrei – Unpacking The Merchandise

Butman, Rabbi Shmuel M.
October 5, 2021

A Jew [during]… the month of Tishrei acquires a lot of merchandise:… yiras shamayim (Fear of Heaven),… Ahavas Yisroel (Love for a fellow Jew),… hiddur mitzvah (enhancement of a mitzvah), …the spirit of the mitzvah.


He makes a lot of good resolutions and commitments about how he’s going to conduct himself throughout the year. All of this is… his package from Tishrei that he’s taking home with him.


During the subsequent months of the year, it is the time for us to unpack all the merchandise we acquired during Tishrei… and utilize them throughout the year.


This is the take-away message for all of us: Tishrei is with us a whole year; you’re not going to leave Tishrei and Tishrei is not going to leave you.


However, there is something we have to do about it – to unpack little by little all the great merchandise that we acquired during the month of Tishrei.”