Hebrew letter vav on parchment paper

Vav: The Sixth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Vav: The Sixth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Raskin, Rabbi Aaron L.
November 3, 2021

“The design of the vav looks like a hook and the word vav actually means ‘hook.’ A hook is something that holds two things together. It is also a means to connect the spiritual and the physical…


Torah is often compared to water. Just as water courses down the steep mountains to the valley below without chang­ing its life-giving essence, so does the Torah reach man in its original, essential form.


Torah began in Heaven, emanating from G-d, and then traveled—and continuously travels—down to the physical world utterly intact.


This message is conveyed through the letter vav, which is a hook connecting the higher realm to the lower; the chute that allows Torah to flow to man.”