Hebrew letter yud written in old script

Yud: The Tenth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Yud: The Tenth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Raskin, Rabbi Aaron L.
November 9, 2021

“On the simplest level, the design of the yud is a point: a dot which represents G-d’s essential power; the one G-d Who is indivisible. Furthermore, the yud looks like a flame that soars ever higher, representing the soul of a Jew yearning to unite with G-d.


Additionally, the yud represents the method by which the blessing descends from G-d… The yud represents a seminal drop, the concentrated power of G-d.


The vav represents a descent, for its form is that of a chute—and through this, the bless­ings of G-d travel downward to our world.


The dalet, having height and width, represents the physical world, signifying how G-d’s blessings are manifest in every aspect of nature.


This teaches us that G-d’s blessings don’t only reside in heaven. They flow down to this corporeal world and endow us with physical health, sustenance and success.”