Man lighting Chanukah candles in Jerusalem

A Titanic Victory and a Small Cruse of Oil – Post 2

A Titanic Victory and a Small Cruse of Oil – Post 2

Jacobson, Rabbi YY
November 29, 2021

The Talmud makes only a passing reference to the military victory… and focuses exclusively on the story with the oil…


The miracle of the oil [seems] of minor significance relative to the military victory… If the Jews would have been defeated by the Greeks, there would be no Jews today; if the oil would have not burnt for eight days, so what?

[T]he political and military victory of Hanukah did not last. What lasted was the spiritual miracle – the faith which, like the oil, was inextinguishable.


Strength that is founded on military power alone is temporary. It may endure for long periods of time, but ultimately, its might will wane… Strength that is founded on moral and spiritual light can never be destroyed.

The military victory was an enormously significant event that we must be deeply grateful for. Yet… The oil miracle constitutes the very foundation of the Hanukah holiday.

The flame of Jewish faith, the flame of Torah, the flame of the Mitzvos, would never be extinguished.”