Lighting Chanukah candles on the last night

Turning on God’s Light

Turning on God’s Light

Haber, Rabbi Yaakov
November 30, 2021

“Our function in this world is to activate God’s light.


God said: ‘Light the Menorah and the world will see that it is not I that illuminate the world but you.’ (Medrash Shmos Rabba 36;2)


When the world was created God said ‘Let there be light!’ From the beginning of time all the spiritual light that would be revealed as history unfolds was created but held in suspension.


God’s light waited for us to activate it through our actions. As we built the Mishkan, a paradigm shift occurred. A change in the world that would forever alter the way the human race functioned.


When we lit the Menorah we created a receiver that would absorb and harness God’s light in this world and revolutionize the way we live. That light would emanate energy of clarity, peace and loving kindness. (Noam Elimelech)”