Rabbi Sacks Chanukah quote

Ceremony & Celebration – Chanukah Candle 4

Ceremony & Celebration – Chanukah Candle 4

Sacks, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Z"TL
December 2, 2021

“The military victory [of Chanukah] was short-lived. Within a century Israel was again under foreign rule, this time by the Romans. It was the spiritual victory that survived. Realising that the real battle was not against an empire but a culture, Jews set about constructing the world’s first system of universal education. The effect was astonishing. Although they were later to suffer devastating defeats at the hands of the Romans, they had created an identity so strong that it was able to survive 2,000 years of exile and dispersion.


What history taught them was that to defend a country you need an army, but to defend a civilisation you need schools. In the short run battles are won by weapons, but in the long run they are won by ideas and the way they are handed on from generation to generation. Oddly but appropriately, Chanukah comes from the same Hebrew root as the word ‘chinuch‘,meaning ‘education’.”