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Shvat: Filling the Bucket

Shvat: Filling the Bucket

Heller, Rebbetzin Tziporah
January 3, 2022

“The astral sign (mazal) of Shevat, the fifth month of the Hebrew year, is the bucket, corresponding to the sign of Aquarius… In Judaism water has enormous spiritual symbolism… [Water] gives life… The Hebrew word for physical is ‘gashmi’ – ‘rainy.’ By its nature, it flows downward.


[Hence] the Torah is considered the spiritual parallel to water. It gives us life in the most basic sense. It is from its teachings that basic moral concepts (integrity, self-transcendence, justice,) have become the mainstay of the world’s moral lexicon.


The mission of the Jewish people is to serve as a spiritual bucket, pouring out spiritual ‘water’ by making the Torah’s teaching accessible to the entire world – through the example we set and the concepts we teach. In order to do this, we have to constantly refill ourselves with the Torah’s life force, and articulate it as we go about living our lives.”