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Post 1 – Limiting our Labor: Shabbos and Coronavirus

Post 1 – Limiting our Labor: Shabbos and Coronavirus

Pfeffer, Rabbi Yehoshua
January 11, 2022

“The Torah mentions a specific prohibition against lighting fire on Shabbos… Why does the Torah single out this melacha from all of the melachos and why is this done in juxtaposition with the Mishkan?

HaKadosh Baruch Hu [HKBH; G-d; The Holy One Blessed be He] created a world that is incomplete, and He leaves it to us to complete the world, to make it better. This is what we do during the six days of the week.


But Shabbos tells us a very crucial lesson – that our creation has a boundary, a limitation. Without knowing those limitations on our creativity, on our powers of creation, then we run the risk of not allowing HKBH into our own lives.


Shabbat tells us that even with all of the control that we have… all of the great achievements of productivity, of progress… all of these have a limitation and border… [which is] Shabbos.


When HKBH declares that the world is His… that the world is Holy… in order to experience the closeness with Hashem on that day we need to refrain…”