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Adar: The Month of Mazal – Post 2

Adar: The Month of Mazal – Post 2

Metzinger, Yehoshua
February 2, 2022

“[The two months of Adar] together have 60 days. If an unkosher liquid falls into a pot, the mixture can still be considered kosher if the unkosher part is less than a ratio of 1/60. The 60 days of these two months reflect the ability of this number to nullify negativity.

Adar… is spelled alef, dalet, reish. The alef represents the power of G-d, which may seem to be separate from everyday existence. The dalet and reish form the word ‘dar‘, which means ‘to dwell’. The alef, or G-d‘s unlimited power, aims to create a dwelling place in this limited world.

Adar is a propitious month for protection, for improving ourselves and for joy, which reaches greater and greater levels as we progress through the two Adars.”