Moshe and the Jews crossing the split sea painting

The Seventh of Adar: Haman and the Death of Moses

The Seventh of Adar: Haman and the Death of Moses

Baron, Rabbi Doniel
February 8, 2022

“While Moses lived, Torah was accessible directly through him. The clarity of his level of prophecy was unmatched by any Jewish prophet. Moses could resolve every ambiguity and answer every question. When Moses died,…[his] singular clarity was lost… We soon learned that we could still access Torah – albeit through a new means.

What at first appeared to us as Moses’ death turned out to be Moses’ rebirth, …and because of Moses’ death…we discovered a deeper connection to Torah…


Torah Shebaal Peh, the Oral Law. Torah Shebaal Peh also emanates from revelation at Sinai. However, in lieu of continued prophetic revelation, it develops through the hearts and minds of the Jewish people.


The Torah of Moses’ rebirth lasts forever and against all odds, in yeshivas, classrooms, and households across the globe, we continue to flourish and reveal new depths in our eternal law.”