Why Did HKBH Create Us?

Why Did HKBH Create Us?

Emor Project
March 22, 2022

HKBH did not need anything outside of Himself. He is inherently perfect. However, He chose to create humans so that He would be able to be in a relationship and have upon whom to bestow His love.


Therefore, he created a world in splendor and natural laws that perfectly fit our needs. The only things He asks in return is that we recognize Him as the Source of everything and serve Him – for Jews through the 613 mitzvot outlined in the Torah and for non-Jews through the 7 Noachide mitzvot.


HKBH bestows his love upon us through a flux of beracha. If this outpouring of blessings does not reach us, it is because our behavior has placed an obstacle to this flow.