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The Spiritual Potential of Pesach

The Spiritual Potential of Pesach

Emor Project
April 10, 2022

Pesach recalls historically the liberation from slavery in Egypt through a manifested intervention of HKBH.


Every historical event, from the Torah, that we recall yearly, brings with it a tremendous spiritual potential that is released at the same time period, allowing us to grow spiritually in specific aspects.


One of the main potentials represented by Pesach is the possibility to be redeemed from our personal forms of slavery or avoda zara.


Each one of us has our own areas in which we would like to experience liberation. For example: unhealthy habits, over-dependence upon our instincts, strong passions or earthly desires for their own sake, negative character traits, addiction, etc. These areas interfere with how we really want to show up to life and get in the way of our Godly mission.


While we can always work on ourselves in improving these areas every year, during the holiday of Pesach we have an extra koach (power/strength) to achieve personal freedom in the areas that “enslave us”. So tap into the energy of this holy season of liberation and partner with HKBH to get out of your own personal Egypt.


Explore this site to learn more about what the holiday Pesach is, what we are commemorating, how to practically celebrate the holiday, and the deeper meaning behind these holy days as well as how to access the spiritual potential of the time: