A filled seder plate with shank bone, egg, parsley, charoset, and maror

Pesach Seder

Pesach Seder

Emor Project
April 12, 2022

We conduct the seder using a Haggadah, which means “telling.” The Haggadah facilitates the retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Also, it guides participants through the ritual-rich seder meal, indicating when and how to perform each ritual.


There are 15 steps of the seder, including eating specific food items, each representing part of the exodus story. For example, bitter herbs (maror) remind us of the bitterness of the slavery of our forefathers in Egypt. Each food we eat at the seder conveys specific energy and the potential to draw down blessings from HKBH.


As we live in a material dimension, we access spiritual energies via physical tools, and we also have the ability actually to elevate the material to the spiritual. By following the dictates of halacha, for example, by eating kosher food and reciting the proper blessings prior to and after eating, we create vessels to draw down the blessing into our lives and elevate the sparks of holiness in the food to the spiritual realm.


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