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Pesach Sheni: The Holiday of Second Chances

Pesach Sheni: The Holiday of Second Chances

Rapaport, Karen Wolfers
May 15, 2022

“[Pesach Sheni, which occurs one month after the holiday of Passover on the 14th of Iyar, reminds us of the powerful lesson that there is always a second chance. This day allows those who were not able to bring the Pesach sacrifice in its original time, (the day before Pesach) another chance to perform this mitzvah.]


God said I will give you a second chance despite your status, despite your present state. When you do what you need to do to change, I will change the rules. I will wait for you until you are ready.


How do we know when… we are wandering and cut off? A sense of disconnection is a place where we have lost touch with our essential selves.


Disconnection is often a byproduct of unconscious living. When we let our conditioning be our compass so that our paths never change, neither will our landscape.


Pesach Sheni, the Second Passover, thus represents the power of rerouting to our core, to our Divine connection. This is the essence of teshuvah – the power to embrace comprehensive change, the power to shift from one state to another.


No matter how distant, no matter how disconnected, God gives us the power to repair and rebound. …Our ‘distance’ can lead to a greater closeness to both ourselves and to God.


Pesach Sheni, the holiday of second chances, reminds us that we can always change our steps and return home.”