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The one time all Jews agreed [Shavuos]

The one time all Jews agreed [Shavuos]

Glick, Rabbi Yisroel
June 2, 2022

The body is the person’s exterior, it allows us to interact with the world around us.


The soul is who we really are, our truest identity.

The body of Torah is the laws, the stories…


The soul of Torah is Divinity.

Each of our souls at its core is the same – pure, unadulterated Divinity.


At Mount Sinai [when we received the Torah,] The Divinity that is the soul of the Torah called out to the Divinity that is the essence of each of us. And when that deepest, truest part of who we are was awakened, we were one naturally. There was simply no room for tension or argument.


As we stand to receive the Torah again this Shavuot, let’s express our truest selves, the essential Divinity that makes us all one. Let’s cross that which divides us… And together, our souls will call out to the soul of Torah, allowing us to receive it fully.”