Shabbat is more than a day of refraining from worldly activity.

When experienced to its spiritual fullest, its holiness enlightens all other days of the week.

We invite you to enhance your Shabbat with these words of Torah.


Bircat Kohanim at the Beit Hamikdash

The Book of Numbers – Parshat Beha’alotcha – Post 2

The Book of Numbers – Parshat Beha’alotcha – Post 2

Trugman, Rabbi Avraham Arieh
June 15, 2022

“There are certain times in life… when we have moments of clarity. It’s not like we are hearing G-d’s voice… but in one minute, one flash of consciousness, sometimes something we have struggled with for years will become clear to us in an instant.

We are told that the age of prophecy is over… [but] that people having prophetic experiences never ended. Today we call them spiritual experiences… They happen to many people.


We are told that when the Messiah comes, what Moses originally said, ‘Would it be that all the people were prophets,’… will come true… The Messiah will usher in a new level of human consciousness [as] the revelation of G-dliness will be far greater than anything that we can imagine…”