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Holy Eating: Insights Into Tu B’Shevat

Holy Eating: Insights Into Tu B’Shevat

Schneider, Sarah Yehudit
February 5, 2023

“Adam and Eve [transgressed by eating from] the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was through this sin that the yeitzer hara (evil inclination) became a part of each of us, challenging us to this day with obstacles to our spiritual growth. On Tu B’Shevat, we have a unique opportunity to fix all of that.


Rav Tsadok HaKohen explains that at our Tu B’Shevat table we are re-enacting what life was like for Adam and Eve before their sin…


The Tree of Knowledge was all of the seven species and none of them at the same time… it was… a way of doing something, a way of eating.


Whenever a person grabs pleasure from the world, he falls spiritually, and it is as if he is eating from the Tree of Knowledge.


What does it mean to grab pleasure? It means to get so distracted by the pleasure of consumption that we forget about our Creator. We take the gift and leave the Giver behind.


When we eat the many fruits associated with the Tree of Knowledge on Tu B’Shevat and do so with consciousness of our Creator, that in itself is a rectification of what happened in Garden of Eden.”