Table with an array of different types of food- fruit, cheese, dips, bread

Bracha Achrona – Introduction

Bracha Achrona – Introduction

Adler Lambert, Rivkah & Mendlowitz, Ariella
February 15, 2023

“[Not only must was say a] bracha rishona – the blessing we say before consuming food or drinks, [we also] need to say another bracha after we finish eating. This is called bracha achrona – literally, the final blessing.


Before eating, when you’re hungry it’s easy to say, ‘Thank God – let’s eat!’

The blessings we say before the meal are an expression of that gratitude. But after the meal, when you’re [stuffed] that’s when you specifically need to be reminded to express gratitude to God and deepen that connection.


…there are different types of bracha achrona, depending on what type of food you’ve eaten…[as well as] how much and how quickly you ate that food…


…a bracha rishona is recited before eating even a tiny amount. However, when it comes to a bracha achrona, you’ll need to have done a halachic ‘act of eating.’ This is conditional on:

  • consuming at least a minimum quantity (shiur) and
  • doing so within in a certain amount of time”


For further details, see the Laws of Blessings course on AISH.COM