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Birkat Hamazon – Part 1

Birkat Hamazon – Part 1

Adler Lambert, Rivkah & Mendlowitz, Ariella
February 19, 2023

“Birkat Hamazon is the consummate bracha achrona, because while most of the food blessings were instituted by the Sages, Birkat Hamazon is a Torah-level obligation, based on Deuteronomy 8:10: ‘You shall eat, and be satisfied, and bless.’


Birkat Hamazon is longer and more encompassing than a regular bracha achrona. It is comprised of four brachot:


  • The first blessing acknowledges the food that we ate.

          – composed by Moses when the manna fell in the desert.


  • The second blessing expresses our thanks for being given the Land of Israel.

           – written by Joshua when he led the Jewish people into Israel.


  • The third blessing expresses our yearning to rebuild the holy city of Jerusalem.

          – formulated by King David…when his son King Solomon built the Holy Temple.


  • The fourth blessing declares how God bestows His goodness to all creatures.

          – instituted during the Second Temple period, when permission was given to bury millions of Jews who

             had been slaughtered by the Romans.”