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Why is Adar a Month of Happiness

Why is Adar a Month of Happiness

Silberberg, Rabbi Naftali
February 22, 2023

There are many joyous dates on the Jewish calendar, but besides Purim, none of them affect the entire month, causing it to be auspicious and joyous.


Haman successfully pinpointed the moment when the Jews were at their lowest point… to implement his plan… But his plan still did not succeed.


The history of our nation is very much compared to the human lifespan,… fluctuation being the most consistent feature of life… There is, however, one constant: the very identity and essence of the person…


Purim celebrates a time when we were at a low point in our history – but our relationship with G-d remained intact… it demonstrates the essential nature of our relationship with G-d — and that is a constant.


The month of Adar… is the happiest month of the year—the month when we bear in mind that ‘inauspicious’ has absolutely no bearing on our relationship with G-d.”