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A Purim Message from Emor Project 5783

A Purim Message from Emor Project 5783

Emor Project
March 6, 2023

Megillat Esther does not explicitly mention the name of Hashem. We learn from here that despite the presence of Hashem not always being revealed, He is constantly directing the events. 


The unfolding of the story in the Megillah clearly shows that Hashem directed every single detail – we need to be able to open our eyes and minds to see this reality.

We also need to do this in our daily life. We must escape the illusion that all depends upon our abilities, intelligence, and deeds and recognize that it is all from HKBH.


Everything, even the tiniest occurrences, represents the will of Hashem, Who is conducting events explicitly for our benefit. Everything He does is good, even if we cannot always see or understand it that way.


When we remember that unrevealed good (what seems “bad” in our eyes) comes from an even higher source, we can be grateful and lean into our emunah and bitachon to trust that in His eyes, it is all good.


We must seek the lessons, grow from the experience as a person and in our relationship with our Creator, and remember that everything is a blessing. He sees the entire puzzle; we only see a few pieces.