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Cleaning for Passover and the Search for Spirituality

Cleaning for Passover and the Search for Spirituality

Headapohl, Jackie
March 30, 2023

Often we put so much of our focus into the quality of the cleaning in order to not have chametz on Passover that we forget to think about the spiritual meaning of these cleaning actions.


The spiritual meanings of chametz and matzah are actually the flip-sides of the very same Jewish mystical teaching.

The characteristic of chametz is that rising symbolizes pride, while matzah, which is flat, symbolizes humility. Thus, the process of getting rid of our chametz is not just about getting rid of physical chametz. It is about ridding ourselves of our ‘spiritual chametz‘ – which is our pride and ego, and replacing it with a humility.

The more ego one has, the less space s/he has in his/her life God and Godly activities – which leads to more spirituality and real meaning in our lives.

Egotistical people tend to think they are entitled… A humble person, however, realizes that everything s/he has, from their job to their family and health, is a gift from God.


Judaism teaches that the amount of potential spirituality and meaning in our lives is inversely proportional to the size of our ego; and in order to help people overcome their ego, the Torah commands us to rid our domains of chametz every year before Passover.”