Tehilim – Psalms – Lessons for Self-Growth – Post 2

Tehilim – Psalms – Lessons for Self-Growth – Post 2

Kin, Rabbi Elyahu
May 17, 2023

“The book of Tehillim was written by David HaMelech (King David)… The books that form the Tanach were written by Ruach HaKodesh – Divine inspiration… otherwise they would not have been received by the Jewish people. Because they are Divinely inspired, they are also very powerful. They are messages from God.


Tehillim includes in it all of a human’s experience in life: the sorrows, the joys, anything you can think of that involves the human being…and his [connection] with Hashem…

There are tremendous hashkafot, tremendous values to learn and perspectives about life [in the chapters of Tehillim].


The most important aspect of Tehillim is the yirat shamayim that it imbues in us… A real connection [between us and God] implies that a Jew’s fear of heaven is strengthened as a result of him doing something to connect with God… [Tehillim are] not just requests of God and praises of God, but [their purpose is] to awaken us to teshuva, to want to come closer to God…”